Great Things Are Going To Happen

My husband and I just became pastors of our church on 20 March. We had been preparing for this over the last six months. I sensed in my spirit that great things were going to happen in this next season. As I was praying over the past months, I would ask, "But Lord, how?"

I was given the book Unmerited Favor for Christmas and began reading it in February this year. Then, we got Direct TV and started listening to Pastor Joseph's teachings on television. I am so excited about hearing the truth of grace and Jesus. I have always believed in faith and I thought I knew grace, but I've found that I have been bound by the law. God is giving us revelation and speaking to our spirits, and bringing freedom in our own lives so much that we are going to begin to teach grace in our church, Legacy Life Church. On Wednesday nights, we are reading the book Unmerited Favor together as a body. I believe in my spirit that this is what God is using to bring freedom to the people.

I am so blessed and thank the Lord that Pastor Joseph was obedient to the Lord and began preaching this revelation. Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ! We serve a great God! I am so thankful for the grace of God that I am experiencing in my life. I will keep you posted on what things happen. I know the people in this small town of Salem in Indiana, United States, will receive freedom and great blessings!

Erin Bontrager
Indiana, United States