Household Members Protected from COVID-19, Husband Recovered Well

Last month, my husband wasn’t feeling well for a few days and ended up testing positive for COVID-19, which made all of us at home very anxious. My elderly parents live with us, and I am on an inhaler for asthma, so I was very anxious and fearful. My 2 children and I were also upset as I had been praying daily for protection against the virus.

My husband isolated himself while the rest of us at home continued to go about our daily routines. We partook of the holy Communion as a family, and I applied the holy anointing oil on our door frames and ourselves. I also wrote to the prayer team at Joseph Prince Ministries for prayer and continued to watch Pastor Prince’s online worship videos and prayers for protection.

God was so faithful to us. He protected us and kept us safe from the virus. My husband also recovered well!

Listening to Pastor Prince’s messages over the years has deepened my faith and understanding in the Lord’s grace and favor over me and my family. I realized in my weakest moments that God is my strength, and I felt His presence even more during this difficult time.

I give the Lord all honor and glory for His lovingkindness toward my family!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for the grace message and for revealing how much God loves us.

Christina George
Great Britain

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