Husband Stopped Feeling Sick After Partaking of Communion

Pastor Prince, my husband and I have been listening to your messages on the significance of the grain, wine, and oil. Since then, we have been partaking of the Holy Communion and applying the anointing oil pretty regularly.

While on a 4-hour drive during a trip, we were listening to one of your sermons. You mentioned a time when your daughter came home from school early with pains in her stomach and she did not look good. You also shared that your initial reaction was to go to the clinic with her, but that God told you to go to heaven then earth, not the other way around. So you prayed over your daughter with the anointing oil and the pain left her quickly.

The next morning, I woke up and saw that my husband did not look right. He looked clammy and said he felt very sick to his stomach. I had brought a bag of items that I always bring on trips for first aid, but I remembered your testimony and I heard the same thing: “Go to heaven first!”

So I grabbed some juice and crackers and we received the Communion. And I kid you not—my husband stopped feeling sick and fell into a sound sleep within minutes. God is so good! I thank God for His wonderful truths on the grain, oil, and wine!

God bless you, Pastor Prince, for being a vessel to preach His truth! Jesus is really that good. Amen.

Illinois, United States