I Don't Run Away Or Beat Myself Up Anymore'

Pastor Prince's teachings have changed me and I hardly recognize myself now. I am at peace, feel confident and am becoming more and more baggage-free.

In the past, I never felt like I measured up in any church I went to, though I served and served in them. This put me in much bondage. I kept trying to be a more God-fearing Christian, only to experience very little joy or victory, and lots of condemnation.

But these magnificent teachings on grace have changed me—my mind, emotions and life. Now, everything for me has hope and I am always excited to draw upon grace especially when I fail. I don't run away or beat myself up anymore. THANK YOU.

In stressful situations, I stop and repeat much of what Pastor Prince has taught me—that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I receive the free gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace, grace that is not earned, but given because of Jesus' finished work.

I can't stop reading Pastor Prince's books, listening to his CDs and watching his DVDs. I record all of his Destined To Reign broadcast programs too.

I have been a grace junkie now for three months. Some days, I hear “Embrace My grace” when I am most tense and I relax into grace, knowing that Jesus is bringing me good success in every area of my life through His free gift of abundant grace. I feel a ton lighter now.

Sharon Hytinen
Colorado, United States