Jesus Superabundantly Resolved Human Resource Issue At Agency

The first audio message that I ordered from Joseph Prince Ministries was Condemnation Kills. Though I had been saved for many years, after hearing this message, it was like I was hearing the true good news for the first time in my life. My spirit leapt inside me as I listened, and my love and appreciation for Jesus and His finished work increased greatly.

Since then, I have listened to many more of Pastor Prince's messages, watched his broadcasts, read his books, received his daily Grace Inspirations via my Blackberry and also subscribed to his podcasts. It was never too much of listening to the message of Jesus!

Recently, in my job as a human resource (HR) manager at a family counseling agency, recruitment and staffing had become a major challenge due to regulatory changes and budget cuts on a state level. It resulted in a need to employ more highly qualified candidates with lesser funding.

My agency and all of our competitors have been fishing for and "fighting" for the same fish. My agency was losing funding opportunities for not having enough staff. As the only HR professional at the agency, and having exhausted all ideas to recruit, I was experiencing much stress over the situation, not to mention that I was someone who already struggled with anxiety in general.

For most of my life, I went to bed worrying about tomorrow. But through your ministry, I have learned to behold Jesus in whom is all wisdom and all knowledge, and who what I need for any situation that I face. I purposed to shift my thoughts to Jesus and my righteousness in Him, knowing that favor surrounds the righteous. I would even go to bed at night thinking on a passage about Jesus from one of the gospels. I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me about Jesus and reveal Him to me even as I slept.

I don't know how, but over time, the vacant positions at the agency became filled with some of the best people we have ever employed. We are even overstaffed! Grace Himself superabundantly took care of the problem without me even knowing how it happened!

Also, I no longer struggle with anxiety as I have for so many years. In fact, my husband said to me, "I have never seen you so emotionally even and joyful for such a consistent length of time." It is Jesus! When we see Him, we will become like Him! I am so thankful for Jesus and the Holy Spirit who reveals Him to me. I am thankful for this ministry.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your boldness in preaching the gospel of grace for it is the power of God to salvation for all who believe!

Erika Eades
Virginia, United States