Jesus Turned My Mourning To Rejoicing

In June 2007, my sister Susan passed away at 37 years old. She left behind a 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. It was the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me and my family.

In July 2007, when I returned from my sister’s funeral, I was home on my couch and in despair. I never knew the grief could be so intense. I was so desperate to find the Lord and His comfort. I cried all day from the loss I was experiencing and the doctors told me that I was suffering from shock and wanted to put me on medication. I refused because I knew that I was lost and needed answers. I was crying out to Jesus all the time. I think this went on for a whole month and nothing seemed to help.

One day, I was lying down on the couch watching television and I tuned in to Pastor Prince, who happened to be preaching on death and what happens when we die and step out of our bodies. I immediately felt the Holy Spirit in me and I felt alive! I felt as if the Lord was speaking directly to me and I began to feel comfort, peace, love and a knowing, an understanding that this was what I needed to hear. I was so taken aback.

Up until that point, no one I had listened to explained with such great detail the things I had always had questions about, and the answers were coming to me with such clarity. I was in awe. From that time on, I never missed one program and every day the Lord had a fresh word for me. I was so excited to hear what He wanted me to know. I felt like a child again, being fed until I could regain my strength, learning to walk all over again.

I ordered the book, Destined To Reign, and was so blessed to know more truths about Jesus, His character, His ministry and how much He loves us and cares for us. It was so overwhelming.

In addition, each day, your Daily Grace Inspiration speaks to me with such clarity. It is truly amazing. Every word that comes forth is Holy Spirit directed. For the past three years, these Grace Inspirations have spoken into my life and always addressed something that I was going through at that time. It was so accurate. I was excited to get up and read them every morning.

I just have to say, "Thank you SO MUCH!"

Florida, United States