Lady Healed Of Aggressive Breast Cancer, Supernatural Conception

My husband David and I have been partners with your ministry for a number of years. Very early one morning in 2008, before a healing school session at a convention for believers, I was in my hotel room reading Destined To Reign. I had been reading it all summer and couldn't put it down! On that particular morning, I was reading the part where you talked about an explosion of healing miracles at New Creation Church when the people began to just fix their eyes on Jesus, on the cross, and stopped focusing on their faith.

As I read that, the Lord immediately gave me a vision. I saw Jesus hanging on the cross, but it was as if I was looking out from behind His eyes. I could hear His heart beating slowly and heavily like something you would hear in the movies right before someone dies. As I was looking out from His eyes, seeing what He saw, He became deaf and then blind, and then I heard His heart stop beating. It was the first time that I understood so tangibly that He bore EVERY type of sickness and disease for us on the cross. I was so moved by this glimpse of Jesus that I had no words.

When I shared this with my team members, the tangible presence of the Lord was so strong. Before I could even finish, they were in tears with the anointing and presence of the Lord. We finished and walked into the auditorium. The worship team had finished rehearsing and just continued worshipping the Lord. The Lord spoke clearly to me and said, "Give the people Jesus."

I understood clearly that He was saying to minister the new covenant of grace and specifically on this day by allowing God's healing power to flow through me. Immediately, He directed me to pray for a woman who was on our team. I knew that she had found some lumps in her breasts that had not yet been diagnosed. I walked over to her and as I went to lay my hands on her, she fell over with the anointing of God. We spoke to the lumps and to breast cancer and declared her healed in the name of Jesus.

A few weeks later, the doctors diagnosed her with extremely aggressive breast cancer. They wanted her to immediately begin chemotherapy and scheduled her for surgery. She knew that she had already been healed and refused to believe the reports. She agreed to one round of chemotherapy, but insisted (against medical opinion) that they re-scan her before surgery. When she went in for the X-ray, the technician asked her when she had her surgery, since it was obvious that the cancer had all been removed! Praise the Lord! She has been whole and cancer-free now these past two years.

That same day at the healing school, I prayed for many teenagers and adults to receive healing and got to see awesome physical manifestations right before my eyes.

As for myself, for a number of years, I had struggled with ovarian cysts, endometriosis and other related complications. After a surgery in 2007, the doctor, who was also a fertility specialist, told me that I needed to be on hormone therapy and non-stop birth control pills as a means of protecting my fertility for when I wanted to have children. I was unmarried at the time, but he felt that it was very necessary if I had any hopes of having children.

When I got back to my room after the healing school and saw the medication there, the Lord immediately spoke to me and said, “You know, you don't need that anymore.” I threw it in the trash immediately. The very next week, I met my future husband and we were engaged to be married in March 2009. A few months before the wedding, I assumed that I should go back on birth control pills since I would be getting married. I started to have some unusual complications with weight loss and my hair falling out. After seeing a doctor and a specialist, they concluded that I had been on birth control pills for so many years to help with medical problems, that the unusually high hormone levels were causing the negative side-effects. But both my doctor and the specialist agreed that I should continue with the medication if I wanted to have children down the road.

Well, the Lord spoke to me immediately and reminded me that I had ALREADY been healed and that He wasn't the one who told me to go back on birth control pills. That was my own idea! I stopped taking them again and immediately, all the negative side-effects stopped!

After being married for 10 months, in January of 2010, my husband and I decided that maybe we were ready for a baby. I conceived the very first time we tried! It was such a testimony that the Lord truly had healed me. The women in my family have had many struggles with conception. In spite of the doctor's warnings that it would be hard for me to conceive, I got pregnant the FIRST time!

I'm sitting here typing this just 10 days away from my due date with our little miracle, Holiday Jane, due October 8, 2010. God is SO good and faithful and I wanted to write to tell you how much your ministry has impacted our lives! We have bought and given away countless copies of both Destined To Reign and Unmerited Favor, and love seeing people come alive to the TRUTH of the gospel. Thank you for all you do!

Lindsay PavlickBennett
United States