Life Completely Changed After Encountering Grace

I grew up in church and had a close relationship with God, but I was very self-righteous and relied a lot on myself, my obedience, and how much I loved God. This brought me many years of sadness, condemnation, anxiety, and sin.

As I began to rest, the Lord began to show me His grace. But I still didn’t fully understand grace until my mom told me about Pastor Prince. I started listening to his sermons, and my life completely changed.

My mom and I started partaking of the holy Communion and things started to turn around. I started looking to Jesus instead of myself, knowing it’s His righteousness that brings me peace. My relationships have been restored, and my mind and body have been made whole through the grace of God.

I am greatly blessed, free, and can’t help but tell everyone about the gospel of grace! I listen to Pastor Prince every day and know that as I listen, God’s grace is changing me and my faith is increasing. My life has been made new, and I am enjoying many beautiful days!

Thank you, Pastor Prince and New Creation Church!

Surya Streater
North Carolina, United States