Marriage Restored, Lawsuit Dropped, Now Living Debt-Free

In 2011, I came across Pastor Prince’s broadcast on Christian Television Network. I was very surprised to see an Asian speaker on American television. A few days later, I found myself searching for his broadcast schedule and before long, I began recording his teachings on my DVR.

Looking back, I now know it was God’s divine intervention in our lives. At that time, my husband’s job situation was daunting as the economy was still recovering from recession. Our marriage was also going through a rough patch and I was severely depressed. Things got worse when my husband had to face a lawsuit for something he did not commit.

I can boldly testify that if not for God’s perfect timing in leading us to hear Pastor Prince’s anointed messages, my husband and I would have divorced and gone our separate ways. Although Pastor Prince did not specifically teach on the subject of marriage, his teachings opened our eyes to God’s grace and unmerited favor, the person of Jesus, and our true identity in Him.

Five years after listening to the gospel of grace, the quality of our marriage has improved tremendously. The lawsuit against my husband was dropped. We’ve also moved to Atlanta after I prayed to start life afresh with my husband. And we’re now running a small business, living debt-free, and enjoying a greatly blessed life.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching God’s powerful message of grace. All glory and honor to God!

Georgia, United States