Marriage Restored, Prayers for Children Answered

Pastor Prince, I married my husband in 1999 when I was 19 and welcomed our first child a year later. After a few years, we found it strange that I was not getting pregnant again. I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with cysts in my ovaries.

Though I was doubtful, I accepted the diagnosis and that stuck with me for several years. Whenever people asked why we were not having more children, I would tell them it’s because I have cysts in my ovaries.

One day, a client I was talking to told me how his wife conceived again many years later after drinking a special tea. It dawned on me then that I have something better than the tea that the client was talking about. If the blessing of having children can happen to non-believers, surely God’s blessing can happen to me!

I stopped speaking of the diagnosis and started believing that I did not have any cyst or hormonal problem and that my body is completely healthy. But after a few years of believing that my body was healed, I still had not conceived. So I started thinking I really don’t want another child after all. My marriage was also falling apart at that time.

Then I found your teaching on Christian television. I learned about grace—how God has forgiven us and does not hold our sins against us because of what Jesus did on the cross. That helped me to continue in my marriage and allow Father God to restore it.

In 2013, my marriage was back on track. I was even able to lose some weight, something I was unable to do for the past 13 years. Later on in the year, my husband and I heard you praying for families believing for a baby in your sermon, The Key Of David—God Opens Doors That No One Can Shut. We both stood in agreement with you.

Four months later, I was still not pregnant. I listened to the same message and prayed. I told Abba Father that He knew my heart’s desire, and I believed He knew what was best for me so I left it in His hands. To my surprise, I found out 2 months later that I was 8 weeks pregnant!

This pregnancy was different from my first. It was smooth and we had a supernatural delivery just as you had prayed in your message. We welcomed our son in March 2014. Having another child completely filled our hearts with so much love and I was able to have a newfound love for my husband as well.

We continued to believe God for another child. Some time later, I was thrilled to find the same sermon I had heard you preach online. Though you had declared in that message that 2013 was the year of open wombs, I believed that we were able to receive the same anointing even if it was years later.

I am happy to announce that I have delivered a beautiful, healthy, baby girl! This is an answered prayer for me as I have always wanted a girl. And I am currently thirteen weeks pregnant again. I am thirty-nine years old and I know that this is the result of asking God to restore my youth and claiming that I am like Sarah.

I want to thank you, Pastor Prince, for being obedient to God and teaching me to understand what grace truly is. We listen to you every night before going to bed. I have been doing this since I was pregnant with my second son. He is now almost 5 years old and whenever he is ready to go to bed, he would ask us to play your sermon. Just the previous night, we found him listening to your sermon all by himself! Praise Jesus!

Elizabeth Bossardet
Arizona, United States