Marriage Restored, Son Doing Better in School

Last year was a tough year for me and my family. My husband of 7 years became angry with me and we started fighting. The fighting got worse and more frequent until we were fighting every day. I could see him pulling away from me and pushing our sons away.

Our marital problems weighed on me until I contemplated suicide. I kept thinking that my boys—6 years old and a newborn—would be better off without me and that I was worthless because nothing I did pleased my husband. He always made me feel bad about myself, pointing out my failures around the house and with our children.

I prayed and sent in prayer requests for God to make things clear to me. I later discovered that my husband had been in contact with another woman and preferred to talk to her than to me. He was having an emotional affair and was preparing to leave me. When I confronted him about this, we had the biggest fight we ever had.

After that fight, I felt depressed and confused. Discovering his emotional infidelity that had lasted 6 months made me feel so betrayed. He confessed to not caring about me and to being okay with the idea of leaving me and his sons behind. His words were cold and razor-sharp. His eyes were empty and showed no remorse whatsoever. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My husband seemed like a whole different person that I did not recognize.

I prayed and asked the Lord to help me turn the situation around. Even though my heart hurt and suicide was constantly on my mind, I fought off those thoughts and was ready to leave my husband. I planned to transfer my son to another school and started packing our belongings while my husband was at work. I was in the car when I heard a voice tell me, “Wait.”

I watched videos of Pastor Prince’s sermons and cried so hard because I felt God’s love flowing through his preaching. It made me feel stronger and everything I was going through didn’t seem that bad. In one of Pastor Prince’s sermons, he said God has already answered our prayers and we can be thankful. He also said to go to Jesus in our dark times because He is always there when we need Him.

I began to declare my family restored and thanked God that the doors to infidelity were closed. I thanked the Lord that my sons will have a father, a happy family, and a home to come back to. This was my heart’s desire and I knew God would turn things around for my family.

Today I can humbly say that my marriage has been saved! My husband stopped his infidelity and we are rebuilding our relationship. Our love, trust, and respect for each other are growing deeper, and I know it is all the Lord’s doing.

My older son is now doing better in school. When my husband and I were fighting, my son was tormented, became afraid of the dark, and wasn’t doing well in school.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings. They have truly opened my heart to God and I have never felt so close to Him in my life.

New Mexico, United States