Marriage Saved by God’s Grace

In 2014, my mother was murdered in her home in our small town where I grew up. This sent a shockwave of pain, anguish, and depression into my life. I had been a Christian my whole life and when this happened, my heart was broken.

A few months prior to my mother’s passing, I had just got married and my wife became pregnant with our first child. Because of that painful event, my wife and I were attacked with so much guilt, condemnation, and stress that she developed severe preeclampsia.

The doctors told us our daughter had to be delivered prematurely. However, we did not feel any peace to go ahead with this especially since the risks to our daughter’s health and safety were very high. We decided to follow the Spirit and wait for a full-term delivery, trusting God to help us.

Meanwhile, I was also struggling in my career and marriage. I also felt homeless, moving from one state to another because of a job transfer I’d received. My pregnant wife stayed with her family during this transition.

It seemed like no one was for us to be a couple. We experienced a great attack on our marriage to the point we didn’t even know if we would last through our first year together. We were so broken; it seemed as if everything was working against us.

The only thing that kept my faith going was listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons. During these times, I struggled to hear your sermons as I battled anger, hopelessness and depression. However, as I listened with tears running down my face, I received not just faith to keep going but also hope that my future was going to get better.

My wife ended up giving birth to my daughter at 40 weeks—complete full-term. My daughter was placed in the NICU but only for two weeks, instead of the many weeks she would have had to be there had she been delivered prematurely. Throughout a difficult labor, my wife never stopped trusting the Lord that everything would be all right.

After the birth of our firstborn, I felt a strong impression from the Lord to move to a random small town in North Carolina. During this time, our second daughter was born without any stress or complications. Sometime later, by God’s leading, my wife and I came back to my hometown where the Lord opened the door for me to change careers to a job that I love. Only by His grace could this have happened at all. My third daughter was also born during this time without any stress or complications.

Today our marriage is secure in Christ. Over the last 5 years, we have also grown together as a couple. I am so blessed in my job and extremely grateful the Lord saved my marriage. I am thankful to have my life partner and best friend as well as 3 amazing daughters.

My wife and I are not perfect. We are just held together by the perfect One, Jesus. I now realize the Lord has been working tremendously behind the scenes in our lives.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for showing me the person of Jesus. No matter what we do, He will always be there to help us. He is a marriage redeemer, child protector, life saver, grace supplier and love giver! Because of what you’ve taught us about Him, I want say this to encourage everyone who has been going through a hard couple of years or maybe even lost a loved one: Jesus is your greatest loved one who lives forever, who cannot die, and who (with the loved ones who have passed) is cheering you on!

Thank you again for showing me the love and grace of Jesus, friendship and power of the Holy Spirit and true loving nature of my Daddy God. My wife and I have never been the same since your ministry came into our lives.

David Abrams
Georgia, United States