Mental, Spiritual And Emotional Freedom

I've just started watching Joseph Prince's program. It was recommended to me by a family member. The TRUTH that he is teaching is already starting to have a profound effect on my life.

His teachings have affected my thinking, confessions, views on life and especially the "gospel" that I have been taught all my life. I understand now why so many negative things had happened to me and instead of getting better, they seemed to come to a halt and then start all over again.

I know now that I was operating under the law and not grace. Now that I know the truth, I expect to see changes in my life. Just knowing that I can get up every day and not ask God to do what He's already done, but to proclaim and give thanks that I have received what has already been done at the cross, is mentally, spiritually and emotionally freeing. And this frees every other area of my life.

I want to say thank you, Joseph Prince, for being obedient to God and going on worldwide television, else I would probably live the rest of my life in the same condition even though I had received Christ as my personal Savior. This ministry is so important. People need to know the truth so that they won't give up on Christianity. As a new listener, I finally understand "grace", Holy Communion and I'm sure I will get a deeper revelation on tithing also. Thank God for this ministry.

Virginia, United States