Muscle Pain Gone After Communion

On Wednesday last week, I did a very strenuous exercise by walking down a very steep mountain with my grandchild in his cart. By Thursday, my muscles were very sore. It was worse on Friday morning.

That morning, while having breakfast, our daughter arrived with her two-year-old son, saying that he wasn’t feeling well. Immediately, I suggested taking the Holy Communion together for him. As always, while holding the unleavened bread up to Abba Father, I thanked Him for complete healing in my whole body while we interceded together for the little boy.

I finished my breakfast and when I started walking, I realized that there was no more pain in my muscles. Taking Communion and just thanking our beloved Jesus for what He did for me on the cross brought healing to my muscles.

I am just amazed at how much my Father loves me and what He did for me through His beloved Son, Jesus. I praise and worship Him.

Thanks, Pastor Prince, for your teaching on the Holy Communion. It changed our lives two years ago, but last Friday, I realized again how wonderful and alive the TRUE WORD is.

We pray for you and your church. We thank God that we can be blessed through your ministry.

Aldalize Cussons
South Africa