No Longer Bound Under The Law

I was bound in guilt, shame and condemnation even though I preach on TV and tell people to have hope. I didn't fully grasp what grace was. I was always repenting over something. I was so tired and really fed up of trying to be righteous my own way.

For seven years, I lived by the law and saw nothing happening in my personal life. I was in debt and evicted from our house with five kids. All our congregation members left us and my marriage was dead.

I bought the book, Destined To Reign, and it was like flakes fell off my eyes. I couldn't believe how self-deceived I was. I want to thank Pastor Prince for continuing to preach this message despite the persecutions. I fell under the law and it's exactly as you have said—no one under it is free.

I am now so eager to read the Bible and fellowship with the Lord. I now sit up till 3am in London to watch your program. I wish I met your ministry 10 years ago. Words cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you. My next email will testify of God's goodness in my finances, ministry and marriage. God bless you, your family and your entire ministry.

Divine Ekeleme
London, United States