No More a Drug Addict, Helping Others Break Free from Addiction

Pastor Prince, when I first saw you on TV late one night, I was lying in a nursing home learning to walk again after back surgery. Your joyful love of Christ made me get your book, The Power Of Right Believing.

After I began reading the book, I decided that I had enough with my drug addiction and the terrible mistakes in my life. I wanted to reconnect with God. So I went for a medical detox and a 90-day rehab for my addiction. I took your book and finished it.

What followed were miracles after miracles—not just for me but for many other women addicted to heroin. I realized addiction is such a lie. I am a righteous woman before God through the blood of Jesus. Knowing that truth empowered me to tell others that that freedom was theirs too.

Your book has set so many women free, instantly! I taught them what your book taught me. We learned from your book the gifts we were given at the cross. These women would run into my arms crying and God's presence would fall on them. God showed up and changed so many lives. I keep up with these women regularly and they are still sober!

I thank God many times a day every day. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for loving Jesus the way you do. I still pay forward the wisdom given to me through right believing!

Sylvia Najem
Texas, United States