No More Feeling Condemned, Freed from Smoking Addiction

I grew up as a Christian but was never really taught that God loves me. I was always told my sins would be remembered by God, and I would be judged one day for them, so I always walked around with guilt and condemnation. I always remembered the wrong deeds I did. This had a huge impact on my relationships with my family members, friends, bosses, and any authority figure. I started to become lonely and slowly drifted into depression. I also became addicted to smoking.

When I heard the message of grace, it was hard for me to believe it at first, because it seemed too easy. But as I continued listening, I started to see God’s heart through His Word. This changed me completely as the Lord gave me the confidence that He had my back no matter what. For the first time in my life, I did not feel condemned around others and even had a good time with my family during the Christmas season. I am also free of my smoking addiction!

My mom knew how much I had struggled to give up smoking, so it made her interested in listening to the preaching of God’s grace. Now she listens to the grace message every morning.

I give praise to the Lord of grace and love. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for revealing the goodness of our God.

Sri Lanka