Not Me And My Righteousness, But Jesus In Me

I thank God for Pastor Joseph Prince, who teaches and preaches God's Word in a way that reveals Jesus to me in a very real, simple and meaningful way. I get up in the mornings, turn on my television and tune in to his 7am program on Daystar, expecting to receive from God's Word.

Now, I am learning how to really rest in the Lord and know for sure that it is not me and my righteousness, but Jesus in me. I am able to go on with life after my husband passed away in May 2010. I literally cry out to Jesus and He comes through.

Most of all, I am now free indeed from religion, traditions and guilt that have kept me in bondage because of wrong beliefs from wrong teachings. The grace teaching is doing a complete work in me and God is opening doors where I can minister with a "loving Jesus" attitude.

I just got a call this morning—an organization is inviting me to share tonight with a group of five people who have been delivered from alcohol addiction and are being discipled for Christ. More increase in your ministry and personal life, Pastor Prince.

Elizabeth AcasioSrkhut