Once Struggling With Condemnation, Now Enlightened To See Grace

I have been struggling with condemnation, but you have in so many ways enlightened me to see grace instead of the law. I first started watching you on the DVD, Condemnation Kills But The Spirit Gives Life. It has so opened my eyes to see God as a loving and good God who loves me and desires to bless me.

Previously, I had tried to please Him more to get Him to love me and do more things for me. And if I failed, I expected punishment. It's amazing how such a seemingly simple issue can be so wrongly viewed. Yet, it can be an important key to experiencing further blessing in one's everyday walk with God.

Thanks again, praise our Lord Jesus for His wonderful sacrifice for us. I wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the way God is using you to bless me. You are my favorite pastor on television now and I look forward to 6am and wish it to not end.

Louisiana, United States