Pain In Lower Back And Legs Gone After Taking Holy Communion

Listening to Joseph's teachings and to the Lord, I no longer live a life of fear and condemnation. I can now see the great love my Father has for me and I am no longer afraid to enter boldly into His throne room of grace, and cry out for help. My entire family has also been listening to these powerful teachings and our lives have been greatly blessed and changed. My family members who have not attended church in years are now attending church every Sunday. We have also been taking the Lord's supper at home and seen many of our loved ones healed and delivered.

I had been suffering from lower back and leg pains for more than 10 years. The doctors told me that I needed a disc replacement surgery. As I took Communion with my family, I saw Jesus on the cross with my pains, as Joseph's teaching explained.

Praise the Lord! I haven't had any leg pains in two months and my back pain is almost gone. Thank You, Jesus! I would never participate in the Lord's Supper at church because I always felt unworthy. But after hearing Joseph's teaching on the Holy Communion, the Lord confirmed in my heart that what Joseph was saying is correct and lines up with His Word.

The Lord impressed on me to go buy the supplies needed for Communion and to invite my family to join in as well. We have all been taking Communion for about six months now. Praise Jesus for showing us the power in taking Communion.

I pray that everyone who reads this will be impressed by the Holy Ghost to start taking Communion with their families and see their loved ones healed, delivered and set free from fear and condemnation, as my loved ones have been.

I want to thank you, Joseph, and your family for listening and obeying the Lord. Keep on preaching the beauty of Jesus! We look forward to watching your teachings every day, and oh how they bless our spirits. We pray that the Lord gives you fresh wisdom from His Word every day as you continue to bring His Word to us. We also pray for your family and your church to receive all of heaven's best blessings in Jesus' name.

Sheila Caruthers
Alabama, United States