Painful Twitching In Left Eyelid Gone After Casting It To God

I have the wonderful privilege of being exposed to the teachings of Pastor Prince. The message of grace is truly liberating.

In late August this year, I noticed that my left eyelid would twitch every now and then. A couple of weeks passed and the twitching got worse, affecting me at work. I began to get a little flustered as I had no idea what was causing it and how to stop it.

Then, I remembered listening to a message by Pastor Prince about putting the simplest things that concern us under God’s grace. So I brought my eyelid twitch to God and put it under His grace. Every time it twitched, I would just say, “Father, I put my eye under Your grace and I will not worry about it even if it gets unbearable.”

All glory to God! I didn’t even realize it when my eyelid stopped twitching. I just woke up one day without the problem and my eyelid hasn’t twitched since. I just want to say, “Thank God and God bless Joseph Prince Ministries for declaring the simple message of God’s grace and favor.”

New York, United States