Physical Benefits From Taking The Lord's Supper

I work in a very physically demanding job in a nursing home. I started taking the Holy Communion every day, sometimes three times a day. Before doing my rounds, I would take the Holy Communion and I would receive supernatural strength.

Taking Communion also helps me with dieting, which I don't really practice. But every time I take Communion, I meditate on the Word and it fills me up and I get super charged.

Lately, I also started seeing some clothes that could not fit starting to fit. My skin and complexion are also changing day by day. It's like I'm becoming younger and younger and more and more beautiful.

Every time I take Communion, I would feel very rejuvenated like a teenager. Thank you for sharing the revelation about the Word and the benefits of the Holy Communion. I know I'm becoming stronger, wiser and richer as I partake more and more of Him. I am becoming more and more like Him, changing from glory t o glory as I behold Him. God bless you!

Isabelle Muziva
Nebraska, United States