Preferential Treatment From The Lord For Good Parking Spot

Thank you for revealing Jesus to me. Today, I was driving to the mall which has a large parking lot area behind the stores. There is a strip that goes through the stores with limited parking spaces on the strip and only one or two lots directly in front of each store as you drive down the lane.

I would normally just head directly to the back part of the parking lot because I figure there is no point in even trying for one of those few spaces in the very front. But for some reason, your testimony from the Surrounded By Favor audio series came up in my mind and I said, “Father, I thank You that I will get a good parking spot. Thank You for special favor and preferential treatment, just because You love me.”

Well, the moment I pulled onto the strip, I saw a guy getting into his car to leave a lot that was 10 feet to the left of the exact center of the door to the store I needed to go to. God is real. Let the name of Jesus be praised forevermore!

Maryland, United States