Protected from Being Seriously Hurt by Heavy Industrial Fan

I started experiencing God’s protection tangibly after listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon on Psalm 91. I was confessing God as my refuge and my fortress. I was also declaring that I’m covered by His protective wings.

During that period, I was in charge of supervising the clearance of a warehouse. My workers and I had to remove fans from a ceiling that was 2 floors high. No one wanted to take down the fan in the middle of that ceiling as there was no nearby structure to anchor our safety harness to.

Having just listened to Pastor Prince’s sermon on God’s protection that morning, I foolishly volunteered to remove the fan. Without any safety harness, I climbed up a ladder to unscrew the 4 corners of the fan’s base. I’d planned to slowly lift it off before climbing back down again.

As I was working on the last screw, the screw suddenly snapped out and the 15kg industrial fan fell on me! In the split second when I fell backward with the fan, I felt something push me back onto the ladder.

When my workers were shouting from below, all that was on my mind was Psalm 91:12—“they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”

Being caught off guard with no surrounding support and with a heavy fan on me, it was impossible to pull myself back to safety. I have no doubt my Lord Jesus had commanded an angel to keep me in all my ways.

I’ve been experiencing God’s protection and favor in many areas of my life. Work has also been less stressful as I rely more on Jesus’ grace, wisdom, and favor. Knowing that He is in control brings great peace that surpasses understanding. I thank God for that.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching me to be bold and confident in God’s presence wherever I go. All glory to God!