Protected from Infection While Nursing COVID-19 Patients

My son, Tim, is a nurse in a rehab nursing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, we both prayed Psalm 91 daily and hung the psalm in our homes. We also complied with safety measures and weren’t afraid of being infected.

Tim shared on God’s protection with his co-workers and patients. When the first worker got infected by the virus, it quickly spread. The company tested every patient in the infected ward, as well as all the workers. Many workers tested positive and this left the nursing home shorthanded.

Tim volunteered to help care for the infected patients. His co-workers couldn’t believe or understand why he’d risk his health. He told them again that he knew he wouldn’t be infected.

A week later, Tim’s wife tested positive and he had a moment of fear. But he immediately said, “No, I am the righteousness of God through Christ, and I will not be touched by COVID-19!”

He cared for his wife who only had a low fever and fatigue. Tim was tested many times during this period and all his tests came back negative! After 10 days of being quarantined, his wife recovered and was tested negative as well. Tim and his wife have continued to work with COVID-19 patients and everyone has marveled at Tim not testing positive. Our God is a great God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your wonderful ministry of grace!

Darlene Ratliff
Kentucky, United States