Protected from Injury in Car Accident

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt a prompting to pray Psalm 91 over my family. As I continued to declare it daily, the Holy Spirit began to give me a greater revelation of God’s desire to provide protection for every area of my life.

Several months ago, I was involved in a serious car accident while leaving my child’s school. A truck tried to slow down before entering the school zone and lost control. It veered into my lane, and there was no time for me to stop or slow my vehicle down. In my spirit, I heard, “Go right,” and I did. I was able to avoid the truck but crashed into a barrier, and my car flipped on its side. Miraculously, I was completely uninjured! There was not a single scratch or bruise to be found, no whiplash, or concussion.

I believe the Lord provided full protection for me and even took care of the little details. Prior to the accident, my purse was on top of a folded blanket on the passenger seat beside me. When my car flipped onto the driver’s side, gravity should have caused the purse and blanket to hit me on the way down to the driver’s window, which had been broken and was touching the pavement.

Instead, I have no recollection of the purse or blanket flying around the car. The blanket and purse were neatly placed on top of my broken window, as though someone had deliberately put them there. As I placed my hands on the window to get up, I noticed the soft blanket protecting me from injuring myself on the broken glass just below it. God’s angels truly protected me that morning!

I’m very grateful for all that my heavenly Father has done for me. Glory be to God!

New York, United States