Protected from Multi-Vehicle Accident

Pastor Prince, I try to read your Daily Grace Inspirations every day. One morning, I read about how God sends His angels to watch over us lest we dash our foot against a stone.

On my way home after work that day, a truck in front of me suddenly slammed its brakes and rear-ended a minivan, causing it to rear-end another truck. I slammed on my brakes but was sure that I was going to hit the truck in front of me. I was also concerned that the truck behind me was going to hit my car.

Praise God, my car stopped several feet short of the truck in front and the truck behind me was also able to stop in time. There is no doubt in my mind that God had supernaturally helped to stop both of our vehicles. And praise God that despite a multi-vehicle accident, nobody was hurt.

Toni Cox
Texas, United States