Protection from COVID-19

In early February, I received a call from my sister-in-law, informing me that one of our relatives tested positive for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

My family was in contact with that relative during the Chinese New Year period. During the celebration, this relative of ours was going around and chatting with us.

After he was diagnosed, my family and relatives (some of whom are believers) were informed by the Ministry Of Health that we needed to be quarantined for 14 days since the time of our first contact with him. As it had already been 12 days since we met him, my family and I only had another 2 days of quarantine order to serve.

During this period, the devil began playing mind games with me, making me feel condemned for being out and about with my children, and possibly passing on the virus to others.

My husband encouraged me to trust the Lord, and not overthink. During the 2 days, we partook of the holy Communion daily and declared Psalm 91 together. The verses encouraged us greatly. During one of the Sunday services, Pastor Prince shared on John G Lake’s testimony during the bubonic plague, when the virus would die the moment it touched his body. When my husband heard it, he started to claim the same for our family.

Last week, we were all released from the quarantine order without contracting the virus! The infected relative got better and was recently discharged from the hospital after multiple tests came back negative.

God is so good. He protected us and kept all of us safe! The battle is truly the Lord’s.