Removing Condemnation Allows Healing To Flow

I hurt my knee when I jumped into a pool while playing. When my foot hit the ground, I felt a sharp pain in my knee and I immediately quit playing.

The pain got worse in the following days. On the third day, a Sunday, I went to church and got prayed for, but nothing happened. I don't go to church very often because I live an hour and 45 minutes away and I sometimes work on Sundays. By the fourth or fifth day, I couldn't walk on the leg with the injured knee.

Earlier in the year, I heard a comment in church about how people should show up in church all the time and not just when they need something. In essence, people should be more committed to God. So when I showed up in church, I felt guilty because I had simply gone there to get healing from God.

Two days later, when the pain was too great, I sat down thinking and praying, and listening to your sermon CDs. Suddenly, the thought hit me! I was under condemnation. God showed me that the church is where people are supposed to go to when they are hurting, when they need something! Going to church when you are hurting is what you are supposed to do! That is what church is for. It is a place to help people!

As I was realizing all this, the guilt went away. The shame went away. And I had a thought, “Hey, check your knee.” I turned my attention to my knee and the pain was gone! It was immediate! I was prompted to get up so I did and I could walk WITH NO PAIN! One minute I couldn’t walk and the next minute I could with no pain! Thank God! I was able to go back to work!

I did not even have to pray. I did not do anything! Just removing the condemnation allowed the healing to flow! Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Joseph Prince!

Texas, United States