Resentment Replaced By Jesus' Love

I thank the Lord for causing me to come across your ministry. I recently watched your preaching on Trinity Broadcasting Network where Matthew and Laurie Crouch were guests in your church.

As I sat there listening to the preaching, I learned so much even though I was paying attention to something else—the fact that I was watching and listening to an Asian. I say this because I had up to then resented Asians. The reason was that my dad had an affair with an Asian woman.

I am only 20 years old and the woman is only a year older. So I had very hard feelings toward Asians. But yesterday, as I watched the TBN broadcast and noticed that I was actually listening to and feeding on God's Word through an Asian man, it hit me really hard that I needed to forgive my dad and the woman, and let it go. God has everything under control. Whatever my dad did is between him and the Lord.

I bless your ministry. Because of you, I actually let go and am learning to love ALL of God's people through His eyes. God bless.

California, United States