Running Again And Greater Mobility In Husband's Neck After Communion

We started taking the Holy Communion in January 2010 based on the Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion message by Pastor Prince. At the beginning, I experienced so much pain in my knees that I was not able to run. We continued to take Communion twice a day according to the confession in the book. As we believed and received, we gradually noticed the pain subsiding till it was no longer present. Today, I am back to running four times a week.

My husband suffered from neck pain due to an injury in 1995. His neck was so stiff and sore that he could not turn his head to the side. As we continued to take Communion, he noticed greater mobility and the pain was reduced significantly.

We have learned that our loving God doesn't just bless us with enough. He always exceeds what we ask for! We are experiencing so much favor and prosperity at work.

I am just so happy. I finally know that God loves me, His beloved daughter. (I have it displayed on my phone as a reminder of His love for me.)

We praise God for your ministry. Thank you again and may God continue to use you powerfully to impact the world.

Olivia Hurley
Texas, United States

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