Set Free from the Fear of Sleeping

Shalom Pastor Prince! Jesus has set me free from the fear of sleeping after watching and listening to Destined to Reign 15th Anniversary Celebration (Special Sermon).

That week, I noticed that whenever I went to sleep, my heart would be racing, and I felt like something was attacking my heart. This happened for a few nights. I started to get scared that I would die in my sleep, and I could not sleep. I had to wake up at 5:30 am to work, but because I did not sleep, I went to work exhausted.

Then one night at 7:30 pm, I watched the sermon mentioned. It was not live (it had already aired previously), so this was amazing. At the end of the program, as you were saying the sinner’s prayer, you suddenly said, “You will not die in your sleep. Someone here has that fear, and I just heard the Spirit say, ‘You will not die in your sleep.’ Maybe your friend died of a heart attack, but it will not happen to you. You know who you are. I just heard the Spirit say this.”

I said, “This is for me!” I received it and thanked the Lord. That night, and from then on, I could sleep without any fear.

Some background: I had gone home to care for my mom in November 2021 after she was released from the hospital. Nine days later, she went home to be with Jesus. She passed away from a heart attack, with me by her bedside. I was traumatized by that experience.

I believe Satan used that to cause me to have a complete fear of sleeping. He succeeded but only for a few nights, for Jesus said, “No, you will not instill this fear in my daughter. I will deliver her. She is precious to me!” And He did that through you, Pastor Prince. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

Thank you for being such an obedient man of God and a blessing to the world. Thank you, and God bless you all!

Sylvia Cardinal
California, United States