Set Freed from Sexual Addiction, Family Life Restored

For many years, I was ashamed and embarrassed about a terrible sexual addiction I struggled with for most of my life. Even after I got saved and took up a leadership position in church, I still struggled with my addiction. Not many people knew what I was going through.

My wife and I got divorced and my family went through the separation because I was so frustrated with the life I was leading. I felt condemned and pleaded with the Lord not to allow me to die like this. Little did I know, Jesus still loved me, and the best was yet to come.

After the separation, during my years of being alone, a fellow believer recommended that I read Pastor Prince’s book Destined to Reign. When I read about how grace in the Scriptures is Christ Jesus, I wept and worshiped God! What resonated in my heart was confirmed by Pastor Prince through the Word. I hadn’t heard anyone else teaching the true gospel of grace this way.

My life changed. I was no longer ashamed to tell of how Jesus bore all my sins at the cross and broke my addictions. The Lord restored my life and gave me the confidence that there was no more condemnation for me in Christ Jesus!

Not too many years later, the Lord sent me a beautiful angel who eventually became my current wife. I never would have had the confidence to even approach this woman of God had it not been for God’s grace through the gospel that was preached to me by Pastor Prince. We have been happy together as a family for 10 years now, with a miracle son who came into our lives after we partook of the holy Communion.

Now I can say, “I stand before the throne of grace, receiving mercy in my time of need” (Heb. 4:16). Not only did the Lord not want to destroy me, but He also wanted to bless me so I could be a blessing. Thank You, Jesus, for Pastor Prince and his ministry!

Virginia, United States