Son Dropped Video Game Obsession

Pastor Prince, I am a mother of two homeschooled children. One day, without my knowledge, my son got hold of a new video game and became obsessed with it.

When he finally came clean with me about the game, I told him I needed some time to think about the disciplinary measures. I knew the game was trouble but couldn’t find a convincing reason to discourage him from playing it.

Then, I chanced upon your sermon on parenting. You said parents need not yell or raise their voices at their children in order to discipline them. Instead, they could trust the Lord for wisdom on how to correct their children without losing their tempers.

I followed your advice and felt impressed to just tell my son that I believed the Lord would lead him and give him wisdom on what to do. A few days later, my son told me he had deleted the game as it had become a burden to him. I was so surprised!

Pastor Prince, your teachings are truly inspired by the Lord. Many other good things have also happened to me since I started listening to your messages. May God bless you.

Selvi Kusuma