Supernaturally Healed Of Eczema

I suffered from eczema on my right hand for 10 years. I visited doctors, dermatologists, and even underwent a series of tests at the National Skin Centre.

However, doctors could not explain why the eczema was only found on my right hand and not on other parts of my body. They said it was an incurable condition which could only be managed by applying moisturizers and steroids. I bought numerous skincare products but to no avail.

The eczema on my hand was bad. It was a vicious cycle that most people suffering from eczema would know: the area would itch, I would scratch, and the scratching would cause bleeding and dry skin, and the area would itch again.

Sometimes, the lesions on the skin would be so painful that I did not even want to wash my hand with water. This condition also made me self–conscious as the pus and blood that oozed out from the lesions on my hand were unsightly.

However, after attending New Creation Church [in Singapore] for three years and partaking of the Holy Communion every week, my eczema got better and better. Though it would still flare up sometimes, I continued to believe that by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed. One day, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to create a photo album to chronicle God’s healing of my eczema.

At times, I didn’t take any pictures because my skin did not seem to improve and I was discouraged. Nevertheless, God is faithful to our prayers even when we are disheartened. His healing is not dependent on our fragile faithfulness but on His unfailing love and grace.

I have not applied any moisturizing or steroid cream and it has been 5 years since I last used these products. Today, the skin on my right hand looks as good as new, and there is no sign of eczema. A good friend who knew of my condition remarked that the skin on my right hand looks as good as that on my left hand. I believe that Jesus has healed me. Hallelujah!