Swollen Wrists Heal Rapidly

This past winter, I was unloading groceries from my van to the house and slipped on a sheet of ice. To break the fall, I put out my arms and fell hard on both wrists. Pain shot up through my arms and I thought that I had broken them both. (My mom did the same thing the year before and spent months in casts, completely incapacitated.)

After gathering my thoughts, I began to immediately declare any scripture that came to mind, including Isaiah 54:17—"No weapon formed against me shall prosper!" I went to the kitchen to take Communion and continued to confess the Word. Both wrists began to swell up. My hands became numb and one wrist turned a dark purple where a blood vessel had broken. I resisted the fear that wanted me to run to the hospital for X-rays, so I just put ice on my wrists and opened my Bible for more of the Word.

Within one hour, my hands were no longer numb and I could fully rotate them without pain. The swelling went away where initially there had been a lump the size of a large marble on one wrist! The purple color took a few more days to dissipate, but I never had any difficulty using my hands during that time. I would have suffered the same fate my mother suffered, had I not been taught the proper application of the Communion and the power of declaring God’s Word over my situation. My wrists healed rapidly because of Abba’s great grace and faithfulness! My husband couldn’t believe what he was seeing and it was a great opportunity to share God’s goodness and power with others who saw the initial injuries. All power, glory and honor to our heavenly Father!

Jennifer Gunning
Pennsylvania, United States