The Lord Has Crowned The Year With His Goodness

Just over a year ago, the Lord began to show my family and I who He truly is—not a harsh, judgmental God who only forgives us if we are devastated about every sin we commit, but a God who loves us unconditionally, and who has already judged all our sins through the body of His Son, Jesus, on the cross.

At about the time we received this revelation, the Lord also helped us to discover your ministry. This has given us so much help and support, and enabled us to put the Lord's revelation for us in our own words, so that we can explain it to others.

Last year was an amazing year. Our lives were completely transformed and we saw so many miracles as we learned to rest in Jesus' finished work. The Lord put us into a church where grace is preached and the Holy Communion is taken every week (a church that we thought was impossible to find here).

My husband and I, and our two children, were unable to eat gluten or dairy products because we would become very ill. However, by taking the Communion daily and speaking in tongues, we are now healed and can eat everything.

Then, toward the end of December, I believed that the Lord had given me a word for my church for the coming year. It was Psalm 65:11–13. I was able to declare it over the church on 2 January, and was absolutely amazed when later that week, I received the sermon Joseph Prince gave to New Creation Church, the sermon in which he quoted Psalm 65:11 as the verse for the year!

I really believe that the Lord has crowned the year with His goodness, and that His paths drip with abundance. This year is going to be the best year ever. Thank You Jesus, and thank you Joseph Prince and New Creation Church.

Clare Berry
United Kingdom