True Christianity Is About What Jesus Has Done For Me'

I cannot thank God enough for Pastor Joseph Prince's ministry. I was born again in November 2004 and now work in full-time ministry as a teacher and media director at an international Bible college/ministry. Even though I was born again in November 2004, I didn't hear the truth about Jesus' amazing grace until sometime in 2007. I must say, "NOTHING has impacted, changed and blessed me more than the truth of His grace."

I thank God that I had been brought up in the Word of Faith camp. But I thank the Lord that He has also revealed to me His Word of grace. Both are important as we are "saved by grace through faith". But faith used to be such a struggle for me.

The first couple of years of my Christian walk were ALL about what I could do for Jesus. Thankfully, I have since learned that true Christianity is about what Jesus has done for me! I could go on and on, but I just want to say thank you, Pastor Prince, for obeying the Lord Jesus and allowing Him to bring forth His message to the world through you. This message of truth (grace) is truly revolutionizing the world. Of course, I am fortunate and blessed enough to share His grace as a minister myself!

Jesus, thank You for Your grace, and thank You for bringing me across the path of Joseph Prince, from whom I first heard the truth of Your amazing grace!

Jordan Orick
Tennessee, United States