True Rest Brought Me A Position I Was Unqualified For

Around March-April 2010, I was being tormented by evil thoughts, so much so that I couldn't sleep. So I would stay up nights watching the Christian networks here in Toronto that I have access to via CTS and Vision TV.

One early morning, probably around 4am, I was up watching Vision TV, again unable to sleep, and I saw Joseph Prince preaching for the first time. But because of my religious upbringing (I was raised in a very conservative church), I was extremely wary and skeptical of "new" teachings (even teachings that were Bible-based, if I had never heard them before). But when Joseph Prince came on, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Be open. Don't jump to conclusions. Compare what he says with Scripture, then decide." So with that, I continued watching.

One night, again unable to sleep, I was up watching Joseph Prince, and he was teaching on evil thoughts about God and regardless of how evil our thoughts are, God still loves us, period. The cross is forever a testament to that. After hearing that message, I decided to order the monthly resource DVD that was featured that month—True Rest.

Shortly after I began watching it and believing the truths it contained, I was offered a job COMPLETELY UNEXPECTEDLY, and one that I was in the natural NOT qualified for. The job paid well and I ended up really loving it. It came completely by God's grace. I knew it was because of God that I got the job, and not my own efforts. That was how God ordained it. It's all about what GOD does for us, that is the theme of Christianity, not what we do for Him.

Since Spring of last year, I now have over a dozen of Joseph Prince's DVDs, the Destined To Reign book and the Destined To Reign Devotional. I am daily resting and prospering in Christ, more and more than I believe I ever would be otherwise.

Thank you, Pastor Prince! I love how you just PREACH THE BIBLE! I pray that your ministry continues to prosper in Jesus' name. God bless you, Wendy, Jessica and your church!