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Proclaim the gospel of grace far and wide
Proclaim the gospel of grace far and wide

Make the gospel of grace freely available to more than 4.9 million households through our TV and digital programs.

Bring church to the unchurched
Bring church to the unchurched

Provide more than 6,000 families with grace-based community, pastoral care, and counseling support through Grace Revolution Church Online.

Pioneer Grace Academy
Pioneer Grace Academy

Launch Grace Academy—a brand-new learning platform to resource anyone who wants to grow stronger in grace.

Be a Grace Legacy Builder today!

If your life has been transformed by the gospel of grace, I want to personally invite you to prayerfully seek the Lord for a specific amount to sow into the good ground of our gospel mission and join us as a Grace Legacy Builder.

Please know that there is completely no obligation to give if the Lord is not leading you to, for it is my heart for you to continue freely receiving the gospel of grace.

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“I have so much more understanding that isn’t in my brain, it’s in my heart—and it’s changing my life radically.”
“For once, grace wasn’t just something we knew of . . . grace was unveiled to us as a person, the person of Jesus.”

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