Eat Your Way to Life and Health: Unlock the Power of the Holy Communion

Eat Your Way to Life and Health: Unlock the Power of the Holy Communion

Come to the table and receive your healing.

“My mother was ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease. She was debilitated to the point that she did not recognize her family members. . . . I began to partake of the Communion with her. My mother remembers who we all are now. . . . Jesus has healed her mind and set her free!”

—Paula, Texas

“My youngest son was diagnosed with scoliosis. . . . Even though fear crept into our hearts, we kept partaking of the holy Communion. During our next appointment, the doctor showed us the X-rays that displayed no trace of scoliosis. Our son’s spine had straightened out!”

—Caleb, Texas

In this powerful book, Joseph Prince shows you how our Lord Jesus has provided for your health and wholeness.

Eat Your Way to Life and Health is packed with testimonies from people who have been healed through the power of the holy Communion. Jesus did it for them; He can do it for you too.

Whether you just want to enjoy greater health or are battling a serious illness, Jesus has paid the price for you. Don’t give up. There is no diagnosis and no condition that is excluded from the healing power of the cross.

Come freely to the table He has already prepared for you. Come eat your way to strength, health, and long life as you unlock the power of the holy Communion.

Read the first chapter of the book here.

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