#585 The Beauty Of Our Servant King

#585 The Beauty Of Our Servant King

Experience the tenderness, compassion, and beauty of the Servant King afresh! In this heartwarming message, Joseph Prince unveils the majesty and gentleness of Jesus like never before. Through the story of Blind Bartimaeus and a study of the law concerning Hebrew servants in Exodus 21, you will:

  • Discover how the Lord Jesus did not come to be served by you, but to serve you.

  • Break down the walls that have stopped you from enjoying His inexhaustible supply.

  • Find faith arising effortlessly as you see Him reaching out to you at your point of need.

  • Be transformed from sickness to health, from depression to joy, from glory to glory.

    Beloved, your life will never be the same when you encounter the Servant King and discover the unfathomable depths of His kindness toward you!

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