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09 OCT

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#418 - Experience The Grace Revolution (2 of 4)

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Delivered From Lustful Thoughts

Nine years ago, I stopped watching pornography, reading erotica and even masturbating. However, last winter, as I struggled with lust in my thoughts and sometimes my words, I felt like I was walking through the valley of the shadow of death for me.

One morning while strapping my three-year-old ... Read More / View All

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Daily Grace Inspirations

Psalm 103:20

Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word.

Scripture Reference

Psalms , Daniel


Speak God’s Word And Activate His Angels

Notice that the verse says that angels are “heeding the voice of His word”. Now, who gives voice to God’s Word? We do! Each time we speak God’s Word, we give voice to His Word. And when angels hear His Word given voice, they respond!

The Bible says that at the end of Daniel’s three weeks of fasting and praying for an answer from God, the angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel and said to him, “I have come because of your words.” (Daniel 10:12)

So when angels hear you saying, “Thank You, Father, no evil shall befall me nor shall any plague come near my dwelling,” (Psalm 91:10) they will come to your aid because you are giving voice to God’s Word. Even if you cannot quote the verse perfectly, they can still come to your rescue.

This was what happened to a lady in the United States. While walking home after an evening church service, she was attacked from behind by a man and dragged toward a dark corner in an alley. In that frantic state, she remembered only one word from that evening’s sermon. So she shouted, “Feathers! Feathers!” Her attacker released her and fled!

Feathers? What did she mean? She was actually referring to Psalm 91:4—“He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge”. In that state of panic, she remembered only one word—“feathers”, and it was enough to cause her attacker to flee. You see, it is not your ability to quote an entire verse perfectly that releases God’s power, but faith in His Word and His love for you. And one word from Him is enough to send your enemies scurrying away.

However, if you know God’s Word by heart but refuse to proclaim it, the power of His Word cannot be released. The Bible does not say that angels heed His Word. No, it says that “His angels, who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word”. So beloved, give voice to God’s Word and see His angels respond. His angels are activated for your benefit when you speak His Word!

Thought For The Day

One word from God released through your mouth is enough to send your enemies scurrying away.

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