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How To Make Grace Your Way Of Life


I once asked the Lord, “What does it mean to live under grace?” and this was His response, “When you are conscious of My constant supply to you, you are living under grace.”

Sometimes, though, we can’t help but be more conscious of the daily demands placed on us. Perhaps yours look like this: Providing for your family, acing that huge presentation at work, needing healing for a long-term condition, or paying off that loan.

These demands are legitimate, but can leave you harassed and stressed if they’re bombarding your thoughts from morning to night.

My friend, God loves you and He’s got a better way.

The next time these demands flood your mind, look away from them, see His supply of grace upon grace instead (Fresh Grace For Every Trouble), and receive all that you need from Him.

When you wake up every morning, tell Him, “Lord, I see Your supply of grace flowing toward me right now. It’s more than enough for every single demand I will face today.”

I also pray that the rising sun will remind you of God’s superabundant supply: Every hour, it shines more than enough energy onto the Earth to satisfy global energy needs for a full year, and whatever is unused goes back into space.*

Keep that picture in mind—for it’s in shifting your focus onto God’s lavish supply, instead of life’s demands, that grace starts becoming your way of life.

How I Experienced His Grace

Once, I bumped into a precious church member in a food court. She told me how she’d been having back pains for a few days, and asked me to pray for her.

I looked around me—the setting wasn’t “right”. There was no anointed worship music, only the chatter of people and the clatter of cutlery and crockery. I thought to myself, “You want me to pray for you here? Now?”

Then, I remembered what the Lord had been telling me about looking to His supply.

So right there and then, I laid hands on her and prayed, “Father, I just thank You for Your supply of grace. I thank You that there’s more grace here than her pain…thank You that she’s completely healed in Jesus’ name.”

It was just a simple prayer, but said with the consciousness of God’s gracious supply. The lady thanked me after that, and we chatted for a while. Then all of a sudden, she exclaimed, “Oh hey, it’s gone! The pain that’s been there for a number of days is gone!”

I recall just standing there, warmed by God’s love for her—and amazed at the sheer beauty of His grace which is not too haughty to walk into the most ordinary of situations, and leaves His people transformed by His goodness.

Jesus Made Grace His Way of Life Too

Now, let me show you how Jesus Himself made grace His way of life: He was conscious of His heavenly Father’s superabundant supply, even in the face of demands which were completely impossible to meet in the natural.

And because Jesus lives within all of us believers (see Gal. 2:20), you too can do so.

Remember how He was once approached by a great multitude of over 5,000 people—and the only food He had to give them were five loaves and two small fish? But Jesus didn’t see the overwhelming scarcity; He was conscious instead of His heavenly Father’s superabundant supply of grace which He believed was still flowing toward Him.

The result? As He gave out the loaves and fish, they multiplied until the people could eat as much as they wanted. And when they were filled, there were still twelve basketfuls of bread left over (see John 6:11–12)!

His simple consciousness of God’s always-abundant grace turned a situation of overwhelming demand into one of super-abounding supply.

Are you facing a five-loaves-and-two-fish situation today? If so, I encourage you to read John 6 and saturate your heart with the largeness of God’s supply flowing toward you, even right now. His provision is more than enough for your family, work, finances, and for every demand you’ll ever face in this life.

See His supply and make grace your way of life. It’s a restful and productive way to live.

Watch this clip and learn how you can walk in a supply-mindset every day and see God's provision manifest for every demand.

*“Plug Into the Sun”, American Museum of Natural History.

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