18-Year Chronic Knee Pain Gone

Eighteen years ago, I had a fall and my right knee landed on a concrete pavement, causing me to stay in bed for a week.

Since then, I would often experience pain in my right knee. Last month, the pain returned and it radiated to my right hip and ankle. My whole leg was swollen and I would experience excruciating pain whenever I moved.

My doctor suggested that I go for further tests. Meanwhile, I continued to partake of the holy Communion daily and declare healing over my knee.

One Sunday, I tuned in to New Creation Church’s online service and Pastor Prince prayed for those suffering from knee pain during the service. He also mentioned that there was someone with an old injury on the right knee, and the condition had worsened during this period.

I knew that the healing was for me. I stood up and starting walking, bending and straightening my knees. I am completely healed! Praise the Lord!

United Kingdom