Accepted into Medical School After Multiple Rejections

I came across the theme-of-the-year article and sermon notes for The Year of Latter Rain on your website in early January 2019. A portion said that if a person had been believing God for a career breakthrough, he or she could look forward to it happening that year. That really encouraged me.

I had been doing my Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree and had applied for entry into medical school for 3 years in a row. Each time, I was rejected. After reading the article, I simply believed God would make a different career path for me later in the year, and I should just focus on completing my final year in university.

In late January, the week before I had to enroll for my final year, I received an email with school medical documents from my university. I believed it was a mistake as I had already been rejected for medical school admission that year. When I called the university to check, I found out I had been selected for medical school that very morning and was taking the place of someone who had just rejected his admission!

At that moment, I was reminded of what I had read in the theme-of-the-year article about receiving the manifestation of a career breakthrough. I knew it could only be God bringing the harvest of the latter rain.

I thought I would see my breakthrough only toward the end of 2019 when I completed my degree, but God brought about this miraculous manifestation even before January 2019 ended.

I thank God for Joseph Prince Ministries. Pastor Prince, may God continue to prosper you, your family, and your ministry in all things.

All glory, honor, and praise to our Lord Jesus!

South Africa