At-Risk Foetus Born Healthy, Whole And Strong

When I was around 11 weeks pregnant, my gynaecologist discovered through an ultrasound scan that my baby had a worrying swelling from an unusually high measurement of fluid behind the neck. She explained that the normal measurement of the swelling should be less than 1.5 mm but my baby’s measurement was over 3 mm. This meant a high risk of a chromosomal abnormality such as Down’s syndrome or a congenital heart defect.

A second scan the next day revealed that the swelling had spread to my baby’s abdomen. Another gynaecologist was even invited to make yet another ultrasound scan and the diagnosis remained the same.

My husband and I were asked to consider if we would like to go for further tests or terminate the pregnancy. Our gynaecologist’s preference seemed to be for the latter. It was a difficult weekend. When Monday came, we decided to go for the chromosomal abnormality test. By then, my baby’s head, abdomen and limbs were all swollen.

As we waited for the test result, I started writing down healing verses from the Bible and meditating on the truth in Psalm 139 that the Lord is my baby’s creator. Thank God for Pastor Prince’s teaching on the holy Communion. It was the one “medicine” that I could take countless times without side effects. Whenever I got worried or wished I could “do” something, I would partake of the holy Communion and speak over my baby.

Surprisingly, that helped me to let go and rest. Sitting under Pastor Prince’s ministry over the years has also assured me that the Lord is not only able to perform a miracle for my child, He is also more than willing to do so.

On New Year’s Eve, my gynaecologist informed us that the chromosomal abnormality test turned out fine. However, she said that my child could still have a congenital heart defect, which was no less severe.

After the New Year, we went for a review and my gynaecologist was shocked to find that the swelling had subsided tremendously. She performed an extra-long ultrasound scan, flipped through her notes multiple times, then told us that she would have no objections if we wanted to continue with the pregnancy.

And so we did. By the fifth month of my pregnancy, all the swelling had disappeared. On 30 June 2016, our son was born healthy, whole, and strong. He hit his physical development milestones earlier than his older brother. He sat up before he was 6 months, pulled himself up at 7 months, started walking at 10 months, and was literally running even before he was a year old. A cardiac specialist also confirmed that his heart is perfectly formed.

Our son is a living, walking, drooling, super adorable testimony of Jesus’ incredible power and unimaginable love for our family. All praise, glory and thanks to our Lord Jesus!

Yan Ting