Blessed By Teaching Resources And Books

We don't have an abundance of extra money to spend at will but when we do have extra funds, I will spend the minimum on ordering your teachings on favor and grace. I got your book Destined To Reign for Christmas and I received Unmerited Favor as another love gift from my wife. These two books have helped me to understand grace in a way that has changed my life and given me an understanding of my Savior's love.

In addition, I want to thank you for allowing me to receive selected teachings of yours for a gift of any size. I am receiving new revelations every day from your teachings and because I have the CDs, I can continually listen to them till I get the full measure of what the sermons are about.

I thank Jesus all the time for being able to partake of the divine wisdom that He has bestowed upon you through the gospel truth of grace. I want to thank you, Pastor Prince, for your devotion to the truth about grace.

Alabama, United States