Blessed with Better Job During COVID-19 Crisis

I had been a taxi driver for 5-and-a-half years. During that time, I was so focused on earning an income I lost my work-life balance. As a taxi-driver, my lifestyle became more sedentary and as a result, I gained a lot of weight and my health deteriorated. I also couldn’t afford to go for a long vacation during holiday seasons due to the nature of my work and the need to pay for rentals.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, there was a drop in the number of tourists and many events were cancelled. As such, my taxi fare collection suffered a severe drop. Due to the health issues I had developed and the loss in income, I decided to leave the taxi industry.

On a day I felt particularly discouraged, I remember anointing my steering wheel with oil and praying a simple prayer: “Lord Jesus, You are the same One that drew a boat-sinking load of fish to Peter’s boat. Now I give my driving career to You. You be in charge.”

During that time I felt so down and out, my New Creation Church leaders called me, listened as I shared my problems, and prayed for me. Pastor Prince has often emphasized the importance of being part of a local church, and my local church is my second family.

Not long later, while waiting for passengers one day, I received a call from a recruiter who had seen my profile on a job recruitment website. I had uploaded my résumé there years ago. They had a vacancy for a personal driver position and invited me for an interview. As most personal driver jobs I had come across did not pay well, I was initially not keen on the interview. Still, I decided to explore the opportunity but with a loose hand. I thought, Why not? Anyway, the taxi market is in the pits.

Before the interview, I prayed, “Father, if this job offer is from You, I shall have it in Jesus’ name. If it is not successful, I know You have other means to bless me because You are the God of more than enough.”

I was shocked when the recruiter revealed that my potential employer was a chairman of a multinational corporation. During my interview with this chairman, he asked me if I had any special requests. I told him I had a church life and that I would like to prioritize going to church on Sundays. He then told me not to worry—it wouldn’t be a problem and that he had a church life as well. At that moment, I really wanted to pinch myself.

During the interview, I had requested for a salary that was above the market rate. After waiting for a week for the company’s response, I lost hope and told the Lord that maybe this was not the job for me. Suddenly, I received a call from the company offering me the job at my requested salary! I was also blown away by the job benefits offered. I had never received so many staff benefits before, especially in such a tough market. I was even given a new company phone!

I received a lot of favor from my employers, and my direct boss, who is a lady, even requested that I play church hymns in the car when I chauffeur her.

During this COVID-19 season when people are required to stay at home, I am still receiving a full salary even though I work just 2 to 3 days a week. I am spending more time with my family, cooking for my wife and two boys (which I enjoy), and fellowshipping online with my friends in ministry. I’m finally experiencing work-life balance. I’m able to take days off during the weekend, enjoy more time in ministry, and I’m exercising regularly.

During the pre-employment health check, the company doctor highlighted my risk of hypertension and other diseases due to my lifestyle. Recently, I did a detailed test at my local clinic and the results came back negative for high cholesterol and high blood sugar. I have a clean bill of health, praise the Lord! I’ve also managed to lose some weight.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings! You have taught us that God’s economy does not follow the economy of this world. When situations look dark and bleak and when we feel weak in faith, we have a perfect and faithful God of grace who has given us His promises to hold on to.

I hope this testimony can serve as encouragement to others during this COVID-19 crisis.

Howard Teo