Church Grows When Forgiveness Preached

Ever since I stumbled upon your messages last year, my life has changed and so has my ministry. My husband and I pastor a church here in Umhlanga, Durban. Before studying and learning more about God's grace, my husband and I tried to encourage God's people to love God more using the law. We failed and the church wasn't growing.

Since then, we have started teaching them about how much God loves them and how much they have been forgiven. As they learn more about His grace, the testimonies are flowing hard and fast and the church is growing exponentially. Praise the Lord! But persecution has also come and non-believers are trying to get a court order to shut the church down.

Nevertheless, we are HIGHLY FAVOURED AND DEEPLY LOVED. Thank you for teaching us the truth.

Anoushka andKumaranNaidoo
South Africa